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2.54% 5 Year
3.84% 10 Year
2.70% Prime Rate

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Top 5 Questions About Centum Action Mortgage Corp

  1. Instant Mortgage Approval! - What's the catch and how do you do it?
  2. What interest rates can I expect with Centum Action Mortgage Corp ?
  3. Instant Approval! - What are the costs to use Centum Action Mortgage Corp ?
  4. What are the hidden costs?
  5. How can I check the credibility of Centum Action Mortgage Corp?


Instant Mortgage Approval! - What's the catch and how do you do it?

What's the catch?  Plain and simple, there is no catch...We have just taken the process of obtaining a mortgage to a new level. The difference between Centum Action Mortgage Corp and other brokers/financial institutions is that our application and approval process is completely online. 

How do we do it?  Centum Action Mortgage Corp has developed an online mortgage qualification system that is able to qualify mortgage applications through a filtering process.  Applications that meet the requirements are given an "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre Approval".  No strings...

If you have reasonable credit, and the property qualifies, there is  no reason why you will not be given an "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre Approval".  Approval guidelines

Even if you have less than perfect credit we encourage you to go through the mortgage application process and let a member of the Centum Action Mortgage Corp Mortgage Approval Team work to find the mortgage that best suits your needs. 


What interest rate can I expect with Centum Action Mortgage Corp ?

Centum Action Mortgage Corp surveys Canadian mortgage lenders including Chartered Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions and private lenders, to get you the lowest possible mortgage rate available.  Our interest rates are posted on our homepage and are updated on a daily basis when required.  Find a lower rate?  We'd be surprised, but let us know and we would be happy to investigate it.


Instant Approval!, what are the costs to use Centum Action Mortgage Corp?

There are absolutely no costs associated with the online mortgage application process. Even when your application is approved, there are still no costs. Also, at no time are you under any obligation to accept our mortgage offer.

Of course if you decide to accept our approval and follow through with the mortgage, there will be some costs associated with the mortgage itself and may include costs for items like appraisals, legal fees, surveys, etc. These costs are not specific to Centum Action Mortgage Corp but are normal expenses associated with mortgages in Canada. Once your mortgage application has been approved, a member of the Centum Action Mortgage Corp Mortgage Team will be in contact with you to go over these costs in detail.

In some cases, when secondary lenders are required to facilitate your mortgage requirements which may be the result of credit concerns, etc, brokerage fees may apply. However, you will be made fully aware of any fees prior to your commitment.


What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs...


How can I check on the credibility of Centum Action Mortgage Corp?

The best endorsement comes from people who found a loan through Centum Action Mortgage Corp. We get letters and notes each day from clients who have been very happy with the services provided by Centum Action Mortgage Corp and have shared some of their comments in Testimonials.

Centum Action Mortgage Corp also has a number of professional affiliations which can be reviewed on our about us page. Our policies and practices adhere to the 'Ten Principles of Privacy' which comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and corresponding provincial privacy acts.

Centum Action Mortgage Corp uses the most secure technology available on the Internet to ensure that the data you send us remains absolutely confidential and secure. Website Security


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